V o l u n t e e r

The Powerband Organization is always in need of volunteers to help support the Lake Hamilton Band Program—whether it's helping in the concession stand at school events, feeding kids, repairing or hemming uniforms, building props, pushing props, or loading and unloading props!  There is always something we can use an extra hand with.

Current Needs

We currently need volunteers for the following (click to access the sign-up sheet):



Want to join the fun and support the program? We'd love to have you on the team! Register now and let us know where you'd like to lend a hand. We'll reach out as new needs come up!

Note: This form is to volunteer for non-specific needs as they arise in the future. If you're trying to sign up to help with current needs, please click on the needs shown to the left and enter your information there.

I Registered to Volunteer, do I still need to Sign up to Help?

When you register to volunteer you are adding your name to the pool of volunteers that we can contact as specific events and specific needs come up.

When you sign up to help you are committing that you will help with a specific need in a specific way and at a specific time.  

Ways to help


The PBO runs the concessions at Lake Hamilton sporting events to earn revenue that we then turn around and invest back into the band program.  We are regularly in need of both students and parents to volunteer and fill this need.


The PBO has a "Fuel the Band' campaign which raises funds from local businesses to feed the performers each week during rehearsals and competitions. 

This campaign earned the Power Band a Silver Award for the Music For All 2020 Music Advocacy in Action Award.


With programs competing in both the fall and spring semesters, the band is typically looking for help with props all year long.

No matter your skills or limitations, there's usually a job anyone can do—from building & painting to assembling & pushing.


Each year the Lake Hamilton High School hosts the Power Band Classic Invitational and Regional Marching Assessments. The PBO also hosts a chili diner each November which serves as both a fundraiser and a send-off for students before they leave for Grand Nationals in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Each event requires numerous volunteers to assist with concessions, admissions, merchandising, hospitality, parking, and much more.  


The band kids wear many hats (figuratively) while working and performing with the band program, but they wear several uniforms, too, and help is always needed and appreciate to keep them 'dressed for success'.

Volunteers helping with uniforms may fill a variety of roles, whether it's swapping out jacket fronts, issuing gloves, sewing stirrups on bibbers, or locating a loan for items a student may have forgotten at home. 


Occasionally the band office will put out a call for help looking for volunteers to help with needs such as filing and organizing or entering payments and receipts and matching them to student records to make sure band dues and fees are up-to-date and in order. 


The Power Band is accustomed to taking major trips.  Each year the Power Band competes at Bands of America Grand Nationals in Lucas Oil Stadium every November. The Winter Winds travels to Dayton, Ohio each April for WGI World Championships. The Power Band has also previously participated in Disney World's Magic Kingdom parade in Orlando, Florida. 

Each of these trips require several chaperones not only for student supervision and welfare, but to help keep the students fed and cared for as well.  


Have a special skill that you would like to use to help the program? We'd love to to take you up on that!

We've had parents and volunteers help with a variety of needs:  whether you have business connections to help locate sponsors, if you're a photographer that loves to capture the memories, or if you're good with graphic design or web development—we would be grateful and honored if you'd share your skills with us.