$15.95 per plant*

Support the Power Band Organization and the Power Band of Arkansas by adding a touch of natural beauty to your home this winter with Arkansas-grown poinsettias.

These beautiful poinsettias are delivered in a 6" round pot and range from 15"-18" tall and 12-15" wide with 5-7 big blooms per plant. The plants are delivered individually sleeved in plastic sleeves to protect them and feature bright metallic gold pot covers.


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The 2022 Power Band Classic

The 2022 Power Band Classic was a success! Thank you to the many parents, supporters, and volunteers who gave their time and efforts to help us pull this off.

Check back soon for pictures and more information from the event.

Thank you to our 2022-23 Sponsors!

Your support helps to make our vision a reality! We appreciate you giving back to the community and investing in the current and future generations of The Power Band of Arkansas!

The Power Band Organization is establishing a Alumni Association to help carry the #41Forever legacy forward. Register today for updates and information as we progress.

We are always looking for volunteers to help support the Powerband! Find out more about how to help and register or sign up to lend a hand.

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